Ram Leela Manchan


From the view point of Ayodhya, the year 2020 is historic, because on 05th August 2020, the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi Ji performed Bhoomi-Pujan for the construction of Prabhu Shree Ram Temple in Ayodhya. This in itself is historical because after nearly 500 years of a long struggle and waiting, Hindustan got to see this happy day. It involves the sacrifice of thousands of people. ‘Namo Mantra Foundation’ has made a continuous effort to bring the entire 'Ramleela-Manchan' and the book 'ShreeRamalala: Man Se Mandir Tak’ to the masses to spread the message of human welfare of Prabhu Shree Rama.


'Namo Mantra Foundation' in collaboration with 'International Ramleela Academy' decided to perform 'Ramleela-Manchan' and finally its production has been completed. More than 70 artists have participated in this Ramleela, while its professional output with multi-stage light and sound has been taken care of. This Ramleela is about two and a half hour which contains the essence of the entire Ramleela.

Book: 'ShreeRamalala: Man Se Mandir Tak’

The construction of the grand Shree Ramalala temple in Ayodhya under the leadership of the Hon’ble Prime Minister undoubtedly gives us a sense of pride. A book-writing (first edition) work is going on with this emotional moment of ShreeRamamayi through the experience of Some Renowned Intellectuals of Namo Mantra Foundation who have been staging Ramleela for years. This book is being completed with the aim of preserving the long struggle & sacrifice of great men for the new generation on Shree Ram-JanmaBhoomi and promoting the high ideals of ShreeRamalala internationally. The title of the book is: 'ShreeRamalala

'Man Se Mandir Tak’. This book will be completed in a series of 10-Parts / Editions / Volumes. Each Part / Edition will be 1001 pages and has to be written in 10 languages (8 other international languages after Hindi and English).

The sole objective is the maximum spread of ShreeRamleela-Manchan:

Target to reach more than 1 crore via Social Media:

Ramleela-Manchan is being organized worldwide through online mediums apart from various states of the country. In view of the current crisis, it is proposed to have an online exhibition of Ramleela-Manchan and then the release of the book 'ShreeRamalala: Man Se Mandir Tak'. It is planned to reach more than 1 crore Reach via Social Media (especially on Facebook). The objective is to spread the ideals, thoughts and messages of Lord Shree Rama more and more.

Public Representatives will be able to perform Digital Exhibitions of Ramleela-Manchan in their respective constituencies:

Hon'ble Minister in Central Government, Hon'ble MP, Hon'ble Minister in State Government, MLA or such representative who wants to spread the ideals of Shree Rama more and more in their respective areas, will be able to perform digital exhibits of the same. They can perform the lively act of spreading a positive message to the people of their areas by its live streaming on their Social Media page.

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